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Monday, March 30, 2015

Why HOT Ronda Rousey is trending today?


Who is HOT Ronda Rousey?

She is an American mixed martial artist, judoka and actress. She is the first and current UFC Women's Bantamweight Champion, as well as the last Strikeforce Women's Bantamweight Champion. She is undefeated, having won nine of her eleven fights by armbar. Rousey became the first U.S. woman to earn an Olympic medal in Judo at the Summer Olympics in Beijing in 2008. It's no secret that UFC women's bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is a huge professional wrestling fan.  She also happens to share an agent with the biggest box office draw in the industry right now and former WWE champion Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson.

UFC champ Ronda Rousey demolishes Triple H at Wrestlemania 31

Ronda Rousey Joining the Rock at WWE WrestleMania 31 Sparks Dana White ReactionWell on Sunday night, Rousey got to live out a dream scenario as she sat front row for the biggest WWE event of the year, Wrestlemania, but she not only got great seats but the most dominant woman in all of MMA even got involved in the action. It all went down when Johnson appeared in ring alongside real-life WWE co-owner Stephanie McMahon and her husband and WWE COO Triple H (Paul Levesque).
Following some in ring banter between the three professional wrestling icons, McMahon took it upon herself to slap Johnson while ordering him to get out.  Johnson took the cue, but instead of exiting, he made his way ring side where he invited Rousey out of her seat and into the ring. McMahon went on to explain how she was a huge fan of Rousey while calling her 'the queen of the Octagon' before getting angry and ordering the UFC women's champion out of 'her ring'.Moments later, Johnson pounced on Triple H and Rousey ended up throwing him across the ring before tossing McMahon out behind him.
Chants of 'Ronda Rousey' filled Levi Stadium as the crowd got louder and louder from the moment the UFC women's champion left her seat until the end of the segment. Every professional wrestler and fan dreams of having a Wrestlemania moment -- and Rousey just had hers.
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Thursday, March 12, 2015

Why HOT Nikki Lund is trending today?



Nikki Lund was born to create. Learning how to design from her mother and grandmother, the LA-bred designer/musician drew upon her natural talents to launch Eccentric Symphony, her first high-end clothing line. “I never actually had proper training in fashion,” says Lund. “It was always just from working in the retail stores like

 Why HOT Nikki Lund is trending today?

Fred Segal when I was young.” The brand got the attention of Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora, who became Lund’s fashion and music partner with the pair launching White Trash Beautiful, an upscale rock-inspired men’s and women’s clothing line in 2010. A new line called Nikki Rich, an edgy mix of distressed leather separates, embellished capes and sexy dresses, is set to debut in Spring 2012. Lund is also working on a solo album she calls “pop tunes with a little bit of rock” with the help of Sambora. We chatted with Lund about her new line, working with a music legend and what is in store for the future.

Rocker RICHIE SAMBORA has been caught in a cheating scandal – after two-timing ex-wife Heather Locklear and on-again, off-again sweetie Denise Richards!In a bombshell exclusive interview with The National ENQUIRER, a gorgeous blonde business associate of the former Bon Jovi guitarist claims they’ve been carrying on a longtime affair.Los Angeles–based Nikki Lund – who founded the “Nikki Rich” fashion line with Richie –

 Why HOT Nikki Lund is trending today?
said: “It’s been going on for eight years. We never went public with it out of respect for his family ... [and] “We also work together. We decided to keep it secret because we wanted people to take our business seriously.” They first hooked up in 2006 when Richie’s marriage to Heather – star of “Dynasty,” “Spin City” and “Melrose Place” – was crumbling, and the two were battling for custody of their now 17-year-old daughter Ava, said Nikki.At the time, Nikki was an up-and-coming designer, and Richie persuaded a rep to call her to talk fashion.

“The chemistry was there, but I was in a relationship and so was he,” Nikki, 32, told The ENQUIRER. “But it was probably inevitable that things would happen because of that chemistry. [My relationship with him] may have overlapped with others.” A casualty of their affair was not only Heather, but also Heather’s best pal Denise, who dated Richie on and off between 2006 and 2012. Nikki recently hinted at her romance with Richie while doing publicity for their fashion line.After a giant billboard on Hollywood’s Sunset Strip was unveiled, the two were spotted sneaking into the nearby Chateau Marmont hotel.Later, confronted by Playboy TV, Nikki blurted out: “Richie is great in bed.”Nikki told The ENQUIRER: “Playboy TV put me on the spot. Richie and I were texting, so I asked him what I should say. He said, ‘Just tell them I’m good in bed.’ So I did.”The disclosures have stung Richie’s latest squeeze, blonde beauty Orianthi Panagaris.“Orianthi is jealous. But the fact is, Nikki has known Richie since he was married to Heather. She’s the one constant in his life,” a source told The ENQUIRER.Nikki added: “Whatever happens between Richie and me, our fashion business comes first.”

OLD interview 

Why did you want to a start new line?
NIKKI LUND: We wanted to re-brand for everybody. Nikki Lund is for a different market, more for the masses. White Trash Beautiful was created to be more custom, high-end clothing .

What was the inspiration for the collection?
NL: I really wanted the overall feeling of the line to be really feminine, pretty and soft. But there’s always going to be an edge to the silhouettes and certain trims just because of how I design by nature.

What are the key pieces in the collection?
NL: Date tops, like a little chiffon top with a cami under it for going on dates, and dresses.

You and Sambora have been a longstanding collaborative team. What do you think makes the partnership work?
NL: We co-create everything. We write songs together, we create designs together and the inspiration comes from both ends. When Richie was in Greece he sent pictures from the museums, such as Grecian dresses that were flowy and drapey, and I would get an idea of what it is he was thinking for the collection. Also, we both love music, we both love fashion and both believe that they totally go hand and hand. We are our brand—we live and breathe it. I think that’s what makes it work. It’s real and we have respect for each other.

How do you integrate music and fashion into the creative process?
NK: When you are creating it comes from the same place, a core place of emotion. When we are writing a song or creating a line it’s coming from the same place of whether its happiness or pain or whatever we are feeling at the time. Richie and I will sit and talk it out, verbally journaling what is going on. It all starts from there.
You are working on your first solo album. What has that experience been like for you?
NK: It’s really exciting. You know you spend your whole lifetime writing your first record. I’ve been a songwriter since I was very young. Having Richie, someone who is a legend and so talented at what he does, helping out is great.

When will the album be released?
NK: Hopefully soon. Richie and I want to start our own record label and put out our own solo albums, but all in due time. That is the goal!

And what is the goal for your fashion lines?
NK: I would love to see it all over the world and eventually open our own boutiques all over the world.

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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Do you believe that Dakota Johnson’s pubic hair in Fifty Shades were fake?


Latest news about Fifty Shades

Turns out Dakota Johnson’s pubic hair in Fifty Shades Of Grey was added in post-production.The film cinematographer Seamus McGarvey, has revealed that Johnson’s pubic hair was fake and she had a bum double for spanking scenes. Speaking during a panel discussion with The New York Times (via The Mirror) McGarvey said Dakota had

Dakota Johnson had fake pubic hair in 50 Shades Of Grey

special underwear for when she had to flash the flesh.It meant that any body hair had to be added in with the help of computer trickery. ‘[She] had kind of a patch that went over her pubic area, and right round her whole body’ McGarvey said.‘We were in the curious situation, in post-production, of adding [pubic hair].

US actress Dakota Johnson poses for photographers on the red carpet prior to the screening of Fifty 'Shades of Grey' as part of Berlinale Special Gala at the 65th Berlin International Film Festival Berlinale in Berlin, on February 11, 2015.     AFP PHOTO / JOHN MACDOUGALLJOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP/Getty Images‘I wouldn’t say it was one of the highlights of my career, but it certainly was one of the most surreal scenarios.’McGarvey added that Dakota’s co-star Jamie Dornan sported a ‘penis pouch’ to protect his modesty.The pouch might have had something to do with a special contract the actor had in place to keep his bits hidden.
(Source metro uk)


Woman arrested for masturbating during 50 Shades of Grey screening

Well, we guess it was only a matter of time…So, yeah, that thing we all joked about happening has actually happened – a woman has been arrested for masturbating during a screening of 50 Shades of Grey.The 33-year-old was sat in the 12th row (we’re not sure if this relevant, and if so, how) of the cinema in Sinaloa, Mexico, when her fellow cinema goers noticed she was having a bit too much fun.In a move that is sure to have dampened her enjoyment of both the film and her sexy time, the woman was quickly shopped to the authorities and reportedly left the cinema in handcuffs.
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