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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why Iggy Azalea is trending today?

Why Iggy Azalea is trending today?

Oh no! The sky-high leg slit in Iggy’s gown backfired when she showed off a LOT more than she had planned on the red carpet at the 2013 MTV EMAs

In recent MTV EMA awards, Iggy Azalea had a glorious wardrobe malfunction that resulted in flashing her baby shooter to the world. Or did she? The pop star says what we actually saw was a front angle of her butt. She also went on to insist on Twitter and Instagram that it was just part of her leg. You be the judge. Look below for 9 pictures of Iggy Azalea, including multiple uncensored views of the incident in question. Is that vagina or is that just her butt leg?

Rapper Iggy flashed some major leg in Amsterdam on Nov. 10 at the MTV EMAs — but that’s not all she flashed to the crowd! When the 23-year-old went to adjust the high slit in her long, black gown — all while being photographed on the red carpet, of course — she accidentally revealed her beige thong and her privates! Whoops
I’m not exactly sure — even when we zoom in. The one thing I do know: It’s hot! Let us hope she does this more often and gives us more reasons to investigate.

Here are the images — click the right arrow to view all.


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