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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

One more time photos shows breach of Kate Middleton privacy (trending)


Why Kate Middleton is trending today?

Who is in fault- Kate Middleton dress or newspapers?

A German magazine seems to have one-upped even Britain’s notoriously aggressive tabloids after publishing a photo of the Duchess of Cambridge as a gust of wind lifted her dress during her trip to Australia. Bild‘s photos were a “breach of privacy” sold with

German tabloid Bild published a photo of the Duchess of Cambridge, taken after a gust of wind lifted her dress during a tour of Australia.

“a series of tasteless headlines” and “crude captions,” said the Daily Mail — which isn’t exactly known for shying away from exposed flesh. The photo shows the Duchess and Prince William as they walked near a helicopter during their tour of Australia last month. Wind from the propellers lifted Princess Kate’s dress and a photographer was on hand to capture the moment.
According to reports, the photo was so provocative that the British press passed on it, leaving it up to the highest bidder. Bild, a German gossip newspaper, ran the photo in its Sunday edition as part of its “backsides that have moved us” package. After Bild went to print, U.K. newspapers gradually starting to cover the using pixilated screenshots of the paper’s website.

Bild followed its story with a photo collage of German actresses and performers: “These 10 bottoms are our crowning glory!” In 2006, Bild published a scathing indictment of the British tabloid press, particularly the Sun, for running photographs of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s partially exposed buttocks snapped while she changed into a bathing suit poolside at a private Italian vacation spot. Where does this hatred come from?” the Bild article asked. “These are photos of private activities that no one would want to see of himself in the newspaper.” this week’s case, the Sun only posted blurred-out versions of Bild‘s photo, a survey by the Digital Spy found. The latest round comes as a jury in London heard the Duchess’s phone was hacked 155 times by a U.K. newspaper editor, including voicemails left to the Prince’s then-girlfriend over Christmas. On Tuesday, a lawyer representing former News of the World Royal editor Clive Goodman told jurors: “I am not inviting any sympathy for Mr. Goodman. Any sympathy for him has been forfeited by his admission that he hacked Kate Middleton, Prince William and Prince Harry, which was a shameful thing to do,” the Guardian reported.
Clarence House refused to comment on the Bild matter when contacted by the Daily Mail. But there is some question as to possible fallout from the photograph, particularly since Prince William and Duchess Kate have previously taken on others they believed had violated their privacy. In 2012, they famously won an injunction against a French magazine, Closer, which had published topless photos of Kate. At that time, Clarence called the photos a “grotesque” invasion of privacy.
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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What is Sexy brunette Sophie Lily Kerr interesting past?


Who is Sophie Lily Kerr?

She is Mario Falcone's 'amazing' new girlfriend…


Do you believe this?

Sophie Lily Kerr was a teenager when she romped with footballer Alan Smith before crucial England game
Unlucky in love reality star Mario Falcone "amazing'' new girlfriend has a secret seedy

What is Sexy brunette Sophie Lily Kerr interesting past?

kiss and tell past. Sexy brunette Sophie Lily Kerr was just a teenager when she romped with football ace Alan Smith at a wild party the night before a crucial England game. It may come as shock to TOWIE hunk Mario, who gushed about his Dubai-based girlfriend on This Morning, after meeting the stunner earlier this year through friends. A source told 3am Sophie doesn't mention her past to any of her new pals - who include high flying Dubai socialtes. Sophie, who sold her story as Sophie Bovington-Kerr and is now a PR for Mahiki in the UAE, said about the Notts County footballer: "He was still wearing

What is Sexy brunette Sophie Lily Kerr interesting past?
the England kit he'd trained in that day when he took me into the loo. "He pushed me into the cubicle, pulled his shorts down and had oral sex with me."
What a gent. She added: "It was the night before the biggest game of some of these players' lives and all they were after was sex with me and my friends.
"I couldn't believe the way they were behaving. All I could think was, ‘in less than 24 hours you lot will be at Wembley with the whole country willing you on to win'." Sophie, then 18, had just finished a photoshoot at Watford's five-star Grove Hotel where the team were based on November 20 2008 before England's match against Croatia. When £50,000-a-week star Smith, then 27, saw Sophie he made a beeline for her. "I'd met him in the players' lounge after the Brazil game last June and just thought he was really arrogant and rude. He was so full of himself," Sophie told the News of the World.

What is Sexy brunette Sophie Lily Kerr interesting past?After their dalliance in the toilet at 3.47pm the next day - just over four hours before the kick-off - Smith sent her a raunchy text saying: "Wish I cud meet you. What would u want me to do on that table?" And he was still trying it on weeks later. Sophie got another text on Christmas day at 3.48pm saying: "What u doing now naughty? I'm really horny." Brunette beauty Sophie, who previously appeared on TOWIE's  rival show Made in Chelsea back in 2012, has published a number of cute pictures of Mario and herself. Mario gushed about "amazing" Sophie on TV, saying he can't wait to be a father.

What is Sexy brunette Sophie Lily Kerr interesting past?
"I got back from Dubai two days ago, I went there with friends... and I've been trying to find a girlfriend for ages. "It's been a struggle as I couldn't find someone I could connect with like Lucy, I was trying too hard so I went to Dubai to have some boy time. But on the second day I met this girl called Sophie [Lily Kerr] and she was amazing."

What is Sexy brunette Sophie Lily Kerr interesting past?
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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Why HOT Jessica Grist is trending today?


Who is HOT Jessica Grist?

She is James Arthur's new girlfriend…
On Monday night, former X Factor winner James Arthur walked the X Men: Days of Future Past blue carpet with his new girlfriend, X Factor dancer and model, Jessica Grist. But it's certainly not the pretty dancer's first brush with fame, as last year Jessica posed for a sexy photoshoot with men's magazine FHM. Showcasing her incredible figure in a variety of coquettish poses, Jessica rocked pink lingerie, a white swimsuit and a come hither look.
Why HOT Jessica Grist is trending today 
During her interview with the magazine, Jessica revealed she had even danced for Kanye West and was the naked silhouette in the opening credits of the 2008 James Bond movie Quantum of Solace. Chatting about Kanye to the magazine, Jessica explained that her

appearance with Kim Kardashian's fiance actually came at the BRIT Awards.'I was painted gold. We had thongs on and little nipple things,' she admitted before adding coyly, 'but you couldn't see anything.'As to her obsession with Game of Thrones, Jessica said that the main reason for it was British brunette beauty Emilia Clark because she is 'so hot'.
Why HOT Jessica Grist is trending today 
While Jessica's tweets are protected for her less than 6,000 followers she does describe herself on the social media site thus: 'everybody wants to be a cat. dance first. think later.' With pop star boyfriend James at the Monday evening premiere of X-Men: Days Of Future Past, Jessica wore a short and rather revealing low-cut black dress, which resulted in her cosying up to James to keep warm and having something of a nip-slip on occasion before the cameras. James, 26, meanwhile, looked slimmer than ever, with his hair was styled across his face, making him almost unrecognisable as he made his red, or in this case blue, carpet debut with Jessica. James, who won the ninth series of the Simon Cowell talent contest back in 2012, looked like he could be a member of a boy band. He wore a pair of black jeans with a low cut T-shirt and overcoat – as well as a pair of boots similar to ones favoured by Harry Styles.Since his time on the show Middlesborough-born James, whose single You're Nobody 'Til Somebody Loves You hit #2 in October, has been linked to numerous women including Rita Ora, Kimberley Garner and Caroline Flack.

Why HOT Jessica Grist is trending today
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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Why Katie Price uses twitter to end her marriage with Kieran Hayler?


Tweeted her feelings about Kieran, calling him 'disgusting human being

Here is reason why?

Husband, 27, 'confessed to have sexual affair' with friend Jane Pountney, 49
'She is a wh*re homewrecker sl*t': Pregnant Katie Price arrives at home of best friend, 49, to  confront her after third husband, 27, confesses to their 'seven month sexual affair'
Katie, 35, is six months pregnant with their second child together. The couple only married in the Bahamas in January 2013
K Price
Tweeted her feelings about Kieran, calling him 'disgusting human being 'She called Mrs Pountney a 'whore' and a 'home wrecker slut' Jane Pountney is married and was Miss Price's maid of honour twice

Pregnant Katie Price today learned her husband of just a year, Kieran Hayler, was 'cheating on her with her best friend of 20 years' - and immediately took to Twitter to tell her 1.85million followers the unhappy news.
Miss Price, 35, whose love life appears to be a never-ending roller-coaster with several failed relationships and two divorces already behind her, was dealt another cruel blow this morning when her third husband confessed he has been having a sexual affair with Jane Pountney, 49 - he is 27.
She instantly took to the social networking site to say: 'Jane pountney is 50 next year cloned into me with my help she is a wh*re, home wrecker sl*t (sic).'

In a further twist just hours after making the Twitter allegations, Miss Price and Mr Hayler arrived at the home Mrs Pountney shares with her businessman husband Derrick in Sussex, for an apparent showdown.

The six-months-pregnant star covered her face with sunglasses as she walked up the garden path wearing blue hot pants, a pink sweater and boots.

Her husband walked separately with his head down and his hands in his pockets - he was let in to the large home by Mrs Pountney's husband Derrick.
After he left the house alone, Miss Price posted the following statement on her website:
'I appreciate most people will have seen my tweets on the subject of my marriage to Kieran. 'I make no apologies for them though it will be appreciated that, sending them immediately after Kieran confirmed to me what he had been doing for the last 7 months, those tweets were a sign of my heart breaking. That he was doing it with a close friend of nearly 20 years is hard to understand. 'This statement however is from my head, not my heart. I am appalled that someone I loved, trusted and believed in has behaved in this way.
'If he had so little respect for our relationship I would have hoped he would have thought about our child or the one that we have on the way. That he did not means he will no longer be part of my life. I will do all I can to ensure he maintains a relationship with his children should he want that. 'I am so grateful for the love of my children and family at this time.'

Miss Price broke the news at 11:30am in a series of anguished tweets on the social networking website: 'Sorry to say me and kieran are divorcing him and my best friend jane pountney bee having a full blown sexual affair for 7 months (sic)'. The mother of four only announced this week that she had unexpectedly found out she is six months pregnant with their second child after giving birth to their son Jett last summer. This morning in a series of messages, which contain allegations which MailOnline has no evidence to suggest are true, she wrote to her 1.85 million followers: 'Kieran is a disgusting human being doing this after I've just had a baby and still doing it till I caught them

'No human being deserves this especially being 6 months pregnant'.

'Worse pain in the world (sic)'.
Miss Price took to Twitter again less than an hour later to vent her feelings about her builder husband, who also works as a part-time stripper, describing him as a 'disgusting human being'.
A member of staff at tyre company Pountney Tyres in Hove told MailOnline that Mrs Pountney works as managing director at the company and her husband Derrick, 52, is the owner.
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