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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Which video is more offensive Nicki Minaj (Anaconda) or Taylor Swift (Shake It Off)?


Videos-Nicki Minaj (Anaconda) or Taylor Swift (Shake It Off)?

I find both videos are very offensive in nature. Nowadays all singers are going too far to get publicity. Let us checkout why Taylor Swift videos-

Earl Sweatshirt slammed Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" Video as Offensive.

Yikes! Taylor Swift is already seeing major success with the release of her new single and music video "Shake It Off," but one person who is not a fan of the song's visuals is rapper Earl Sweatshirt. The hip-hop artist from the Odd Future group, 20, took to Twitter on Monday night, Aug. 18, after Swift debuted the single and video during a much-watched Yahoo!
Livestream event. "Haven't watched the Taylor Swift video and I don't need to watch it to tell you that it's inherently offensive and ultimately harmful," Sweatshirt wrote. "Perpetuating black stereotypes to the same demographic of white

girls who hide their prejudice by proclaiming their love of the culture." "For instance, those of you who are afraid of black people but love that in 2014 it's ok for you to be trill or twerk or say n---a," the rapper continued.

While "Shake It Off" is already at No. 1 on iTunes less than 24 hours after it debuted, Swift, 24, raised some eyebrows with the single's accompanying video. In the clip, she is trying on various costumes and outfits, including a ballerina getup, a Lady Gaga-esque avant garde look, and at one point, gyrating while wearing a pair of skimpy cutoff jean shorts, knee pads, high-top white tennis shoes, a cropped leopard print jacket, and gold hoop earrings and layered chain necklaces. She is backed by six dancers of different ethnicities, who shake behind her. As the dancers bend over, she crawls underneath them, checking out their twerking backsides.

Nicki Minaj Drops Wild New "Anaconda" Music Video with Drake 

Nicki Minaj just put the hump in hump day. The rapper, 31, put her best assets on full display when she released her wild new NSFW "Anaconda" music video at midnight on Wednesday, Aug. 20.  The single takes inspiration from Sir Mix-a-Lot's 1992 classic "Baby Got Back," specifically riffing off of his line, "My anaconda don't want none / Unless you've got buns, hun." Minaj echoed the booty theme in the lyrics to "Anaconda" — and in a big, big way in the new music video.
Nicki Minaj Anaconda

The raunchy clip opens with a shot of a scantily clad Minaj in the jungle, surrounded by buxom women. Footage of booty-shaking then kicks off the video over the original audio of Sir Mix-a-Lot rapping Sir Mix-a-Lot, 51, recently called the sample "good stuff," adding to VladTV that the "Anaconda" video is the "new and improved version" of his own "Baby Got Back" video
While Mix's video was famously full of backsides, Minaj stepped up to the challenge, offering nearly five minutes of twerking goodness. Minaj's dance partners in the "Anaconda" video are largely women, but she mixes it up toward the end of the clip when Drake enters a scene to receive a lap dance from the female rapper.  "Anaconda" is the latest cut off of Minaj's upcoming third album The Pinkprint. The project was led by the track "Pills n Potions" and is expected to hit stores later this year. Sonically I think the album sounds so amazing," Minaj told 97.1 AMP Radio of The Pink Print. "There are so many surprises on the album. I had Drake come by the studio the other day and he was like 'Oh my god, you're talking about new stuff, I'm so proud of you.' And that's what I'm most excited about. I'm speaking about new things on this album. I'm excited I'm not allowing anyone else to define what the album is going to be."

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Why hot Courtney Stodden is trending today?


Why hot Courtney Stodden is trending today

This is my new update on hot Courtney Stodden……..
19-year-old Courtney Stodden and her 54-year-old estranged husband Doug Hutchison put on quite the public display of affection as they took to the beach on Friday to show off how enamored they are with each other. The surgically enhanced teenager frolicked

 Why hot Courtney Stodden is trending today?

in a blue bikini as she locked lips and canoodled with her 35 years older main man. Courtney could barely contain herself as her ample cleavage nearly spilled out of her tiny two-piece swimsuit. Her overprocessed platinum locks cascaded down her shoulders as she flashed her petite waist and slender legs while roaming sans platform heels on the beach. The reality star also made sure to display her huge diamond ring as she basked in the spotlight.

Why hot Courtney Stodden is trending today?
Meanwhile Doug couldn't have seemed prouder of his child bride as he made sure to keep his hands all over her nubile body after safely guiding the young beauty to shore. The Green Mile actor then covered up his pale torso with a black T-shirt as the fame-hungry duo continued the romantic performance on their blanket.
Regarding her decision to take him back, Courtney told Fishwrapper, 'Doug and I have been through so much together, but somehow through it all, it brought us closer and confirmed my love for him. While Doug added, 'My love and respect for Courtney is timeless and I look forward to our future ceremony when we renew our vows.' Their seaside love fest came just days before the 19-year-old model confirmed on Twitter on Monday that she had accepted a proposal from her estranged husband.  The controversial couple split in November and even went so far as to sign a separation agreement.

Why hot Courtney Stodden is trending today?

The two looked to be in sync when they filmed VH1's Couples Therapy last Friday. The 54-year-old actor even kissed his wife's hand. The two never divorced. According to FOX411, they will renew their vows by the end of the year. 'Courtney realized just how much love she really had for Doug,' Stodden's mother and manager Krista Keller told the site. 'They really love each other and wanted to be together.' In November Courtney explained to the same site that the two split because of their age difference. 'Doug and I decided to separate and end our marriage because of the obvious, our age gape is 34 years.'

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Who is Hollywood star, bedded 12,775 actresses?


How Warren Beatty Seduced America

Do you believe in this new book revelation that a Hollywood actor slept with more than 12 thousands actresses.

Before settling down and marrying Annette Bening in 1992, lady slayer Warren Beatty made love to an astounding 12,775 women – the equivalent of a conquest a day for 35 YEARS!

The amazing “body count” is disclosed in “Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced America” by author Peter Biskind – and it easily earns booty-loving Beatty the title of Hollywood’s Greatest Lothario. Biskind notes that the calculation “does not include daytime quickies, drive-bys, casual gropings, stolen kisses and so on.”

The ENQUIRER took a look at the 77-year-old Romeo and found his top 15 hookups:

Joan Collins

The “Dynasty” star said they hooked up and he was insatiable! Asked if it was true they had sex seven times a day, Joan sighed: “Maybe he did. I just lay there.”

SEX-CRAZED WARREN BEATTY BEDDED 12,775 BABES! - The National Enquirer 

Madonna scoffed that Warren couldn’t hold a candle to ex-hubby Sean Penn. Asked about Joan saying he was insatiable, she replied, “Aren’t all 20-year-olds insatiable?”

Britt Ekland

“He could handle a woman like a lift,” Britt declared in her autobiography. “He knew exactly where to locate the top button. One flick and we were on our way.”

Goldie Hawn

While the cat’s away, Warren will play! His girlfriend Julie Christie was in Venice filming “Don’t Look Now,” so Mr. Hot Pants hooked up with his “Dollars” co-star Goldie.

Who is Hollywood star, bedded 12,775 actresses?


Michelle Phillips

The former “Mamas and the Papas” singer had just split with Beatty’s pal Jack Nicholson when she moved in with wandering Warren in the fall of 1974.

Leslie Caron

Beatty ran into Leslie at a party – and sparks instantly flew. “We practically did not leave each other for the next two years,” divulged the French star.

Diane Keaton

Warren fell in love with Diane’s performance in “Annie Hall,” and later seduced her over the phone! He cast her in his movie “Reds” – but they split before it debuted.

Diane Sawyer

The news star admitted in 1984 that Warren had taken her to dinner and the movies. At the time, she declared, “He is an intelligent and nice person, a friend...”

Who is Hollywood star, bedded 12,775 actresses?

Diana Ross

“The Supremes” lead singer first met Warren in the 1960s when she was with Motown records, but she didn’t give him a spin until in the 1970s.

Kate Jackson

Angelic Kate dated Warren briefly when he phoned after seeing her on “Charlie’s Angels” – but he got kicked off cloud nine when she dumped him.

Carly Simon

It was long speculated that Carly’s hit song “You’re So Vain” was about her one-time lover Warren. Turns out it was record mogul David Geffen!

Mamie Van Doren

The loose-lipped former sexpot revealed Warren was a slobbering kisser! “He drools a lot. He has such active glands,” said Mamie, who dated him in the early 1960s.

Elle Macpherson

Warren romanced the statuesque model back in 1992. Dubbed “The Body,” he boasted to pals that she put the “super” in supermodel.


Who is Hollywood star, bedded 12,775 actresses?


Raquel Welch

The curvy screen siren had a steamy fling with the silver-tongued horndog and gushed to “Playboy” magazine, “I think he’s the cleverest man.”

Julie Christie

Warren fell for the dazzling beauty while lensing in London in 1966, triggering an on-again, off-again affair that held together seven years and through two shared movies.

Source-Star: How Warren Beatty Seduced America”
by author Peter Biskind


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