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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Why Tieja MacLaughlin is trending today?


Who is Tieja MacLaughlin?

She is a Canadian Reporter Arrested, Allegedly Threatened To Kill Boyfriend, Hockey Player Jackson Playfair.
Tieja a 25-year-old reporter from Kelowna, British Columbia, has reportedly been in a relationship with Jackson Playfair, a 19-year-old member of the WHL’s Tri-City Americans hockey team, the Tri-City Herald reports. According to the newspaper, MacLaughlan threatened to kill Playfair upon learning that he had begun to date someone else. In a phone conversation last Friday, MacLaughlin told Playfair that she was on her way to Kennewick, Wash., to confront him, according to a police report obtained by the Herald. During the phone call, she told Playfair “he would be dead by the end of the night.”
Why Tieja MacLaughlin is trending today? 
Playfair disclosed the threats to authorities in Kennewick, who confronted MacLaughlin at a local hotel and informed her that she would be placed under arrest if she had further contact with him. Initially, she promised to return to Canada and cease making threats on Playfair’s life.
Soon after, the Canadian news reporter reportedly sent text messages to Playfair, asking him to meet her at the Kennewick hotel. Police told Playfair to pretend to agree to the meeting, and then dispatched officers to arrest her on Saturday afternoon. She is being held without bail. MacLaughlin appeared in court on Tuesday on charges of felony threats, the Herald reports. She reportedly denied making any threatening statements to MacLaughlin, according to court documents. Playfair told Kennewick police that he and MacLaughlin had been dating since last July, the Herald reports. However, he admitted that their relationship “has been a rocky one.”MacLaughlin works as a freelance reporter for a pair of news outlets in British Columbia, the Herald reports. In the past, she covered the WHL’s Kelowna Rockets.

Why Tieja MacLaughlin is trending today?

Why Tieja MacLaughlin is trending today?
Look above for 5 pictures of Tieja MacLaughlin, who works as a sports reporter in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada. Jackson, 19, plays for the Tri-City Americans in Kennewick, Washington. They became boyfriend and girlfriend last summer.
Police reportedly caught her during her journey to confront her teenage boyfriend and she agreed to turn around and head back to Canada. But instead, she kept on tracking him down so the cops arrested her and have charged her with multiple felonies.

Can be held up to 72 hours without charge
Playfair is originally from Fort St. James, B.C., according to biographical information on the team's website. He is the son of Phoenix Coyotes associate coach Jim Playfair, and his brother, Austyn Playfair, was signed to the Americans last year. A spokesperson for the Tri-City Americans said neither Playfair nor the team would be commenting. Tieja MacLaughlin can be held up to 72 hours without charge following her Tuesday court appearance. (@Tieja_Mac/Twitter).MacLaughlin is a freelance reporter for Castanet, an online news website based in Kelowna, and has also written for the Kelowna Daily Courier. Two addresses are listed for her in court documents, one in Kelowna and one in Paris, Ont.

Blatman said MacLaughlin had travelled to Kennewick from Paris. "She got here and apparently there was some sort of a falling out between the two of them, where she became upset that he might have been involved in some other relationship," Blatman said in an interview. Blatman said MacLaughlin ended up staying in a hotel room for the night, but continued to contact Playfair, prompting him to call police. He said officers contacted MacLaughlin and she agreed to leave Playfair alone. "She agreed to do that, said she wouldn't make any contact with him or anything else," Blatman said. "Between that time and the next morning, there were a substantial number of text messages she continued to send Playfair."
Why Tieja MacLaughlin is trending today? 
Blatman said MacLaughlin was arrested Saturday. She can be held without charge for up to 72 hours after her Tuesday court appearance. A profile for MacLaughlin on the social networking site LinkedIn says she is a reporter for Castanet and the Kelowna Daily Courier. Stories with her byline have appeared in both publications, as recently as this month. A Twitter account that appears to be maintained by MacLaughlin suggests she may have crossed the border into the United States last Friday.
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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Who is Julie Gayet? (Latest news)


Why Julie Gayet is trending?

Old trend continue

French presidential infidelity
>> Former president Jacques Chirac is believed to have had many extra-marital conquests. His chauffeur also told of driving the president to assignations and described him as ‘Monsieur 15 minutes, shower included’.
>> His predecessor François Mitterrand hid his lover and their daughter for more than two decades
>> Felix Faure, French president from 1895-99, died in the bed of his mistress
>> Nicolas Sarkozy, who, during a brief separation from his second wife Cecilia, who later left him for good, reportedly sent a text message saying he intended to ask the female journalist he had taken on holiday to marry him if his wife did not return
>> Valery Gistard d'Estaing, president from 1974-81, was rumoured to have many mistresses

First of all I want to wish my readers a very happy new year 2014. This is my first article on celebs scandal in 2014; in this article you will find why Julie Gayet is trending.

She is the 41-year-old actress, is reportedly having an affair with 59-year-old French president Francois Hollande. Closer magazine first broke the story on Thursday when they published a seven-page photo spread.She Made a Video When Hollande Ran for President. In 2012, Gayet appeared in a video in which she called the Socialist candidate "marvelous," "humble" and "somebody who really listens." After the news of his infidelity broke, press conference, a journalist asked who the official first lady is. The President answered, Everyone in his or her personal life can go through ordeals - that's the case with us," he said. "They are painful moments. But I have a principle. It's that private affairs should be handled privately, respecting the intimacy of all. This is neither the place nor the moment to do so.

She's a French Actress. Trained in London, her roles have included a prostitute, junkie and lesbian. She is comfortable with nudity in many of those roles. Julie Gayet was born on June 3, 1972 in Suresnes, Hauts-de-Seine, France. She is an actress and producer, known for My Best Friend (2006), Chaos and Desire (2002) and Select Hotel (1996).
She Got Divorced in 2006. Gayet married the Argentinian actor in 2003. Hollande has never married but has serious relationships with Valerie Trierweiler. After the news broke, Trierweiler was hospitalized in order to get rest. She Has Two Kids.

She May Be Pregnant- The Twitter account of the website cites a source close to Hollande: A translation of the post is, "Julie Gayet is four months pregnant according to a source close of Francois Hollande at the Elysee, information confirmed by a journalist at M6."Julie Gayet serait enceinte de 4 mois, selon un proche de François Hollande à l'Elysée. Info confirmée par un journaliste de M6. — Le Réel (@Le_Reel) January 14, 2014.
Julie Gayet to file invasion of privacy charges against Closer, the magazine that published photos of her and a man it says was François Hollande
Mr Hollande has expressed his “total outrage” at the publication in Closer magazine of seven pages of photos showing Miss Gayet arrive at a flat, a stone’s throw from the Elysée, followed by a helmet-clad man on a scooter it said was the president. At a press conference yesterday, he admitted that he was enduring “painful” times with Valérie Trierweiler, his current partner and de facto First Lady.

But the Socialist president, who has not denied the affair, said he would not be pressing charges for violation of privacy as it would be seen as “double standards” given that he enjoys presidential immunity. However, according to RTL radio, the 41-year old actress to whom he has reportedly been paying regular nocturnal visits, has decided to take legal action.
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